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BallSportz brings to you sport activations like you’ve never seen before!
We have the worlds best marketing tool which is suitable for all activations.
We cater for sports including Football, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis & Golf.

Fast Feet

Fast Feet is the most intense experience yet. Within a couple of minutes a player can have more touches in the fast feet than they would in a 90 minute match.

Fast Feet is a small but mighty fun filled game that is ideal for shopping centres, sports events and marketing. It is suitable for everyone from young children to adults and from players at beginner level through to professional players.


How does it work?

The aim is to kick the ball and hit as many blue targets as possible in a specified time. Once the blue target is hit, it will go green to show a successful hit.

This creates a competitive enviornment which is ideal to give away prizes and boost crowd interaction. The scores also give the fans a chance to beat their idols score which will contribute to a unique footballing experience.



Bring your brand to life with our innovative activities and experiences. We have some of the best marketing tools in the world to increase brand awareness & customer engagement.



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