All you need to know


All you need to know


All you need to know

Footpool – Golf Snooker – CricketPool – HockeyPool FAQs

Are there any age restrictions, who can play the games?

Absolutely anyone! You don’t have to be good at football, golf, cricket or hockey – that’s the fun.

Our products are suitable for anyone from toddler up. There is a small step to be mindful of on the non-slip surface but as long as you can get over that you are good to play. Hands can be used to play if preferred.

Do you set up the table for us on hire?

BallSportz will be responsible for the delivery, setup and collection from the customers chosen location during the hire. Delivery is between 7a.m and 9p.m
With any hire you can play any of our games including FootBilliards, GolfSnooker, CricketPool or HockeyPool

Do you set up the table for us if we purchase from you?

BallSportz offer a premium service whereby one of our team members will be happy to assemble your table on delivery so that it is ready to play. Just call us for a quote.

What locations do you cover for hiring?

We cover all areas! Simply call or email to find out other areas we deliver to.

Can we play the games outdoors?

Our tables are weatherproof and so can be set up indoors or out.

How much space do I need for the FootPool table?

FootPool, GolfSnooker, CricketGolf & HockeyPool are all played on the same table. Our highly skilled craftsmen have perfected each table to cater for your requirements. We want our tables to fit your needs which  is why we have chosen the perfect size (14.2ft x 10.1ft). The table needs slightly more room for assembly.

Does the FootBilliards table need to be on a flat surface?

FootBilliards can be played on any flat, levelled surface including grass, tarmac, concrete and indoor floors like wood and carpet. The person who assembles your table will ensure the area is flat and level.

Do I need to be good at football, cricket, hockey, golf or billiards?

No! You just need to be willing to have some fun and give it a go.

How many people can use the table at a time?

Generally, people play as individuals, in pairs or in teams. There is room for four on a table at a time but you can play up to 8 players in total.

How long does each game take?

A pool style game will take around ten minutes but other games can be played. See the Rules page for other games.

Anything else we should watch out for?

We ask you not to take food or drink onto the table. We also advise against high heels and football studs as these will damage the surface. Small children must play under adult supervision.

Please avoid standing on the corner edges, you should only stand on the floor levelled green section.

Please see our terms and conditions for any further clarification.

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