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Hire Footpool

Footpool is an exciting football activity that merges Football with Pool. Games are played by kicking footballs into the giant pockets as done with Pool. Footpool is also known as Pool Football and Football Pool.

Football is the most played and watched game on the planet, making Footpool the next best thing! It is increasingly becoming the chosen game for many events such as a Football Matches, Fan zones, Birthday parties, corporate events and more!

We also offer an option for one of our team members to manage the table and organise the day for you so you can sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work!

Full branding is available
Dimensions: 14.2ft (L) x 10.1ft (W)


Hire Inflatable Footpool

Inflatable Footpool is another fun football inflatble which is suitable for any event.
The inflatable version can be set up within minutes and can be played by upto 4 players at a time.


Branding available
Dimensions:16ft (L) x 9.85ft



Football Pool

Hire Footdarts

Footdarts is played by kicking footballs on a large inflatable dart board. Both the football and dartboard consist of velcro allowing the footballs to stick. Football Darts is increasingly becoming the chosen game for events such as a birthday parties, tournaments, corporate events and fan zones. It is also known as Football Darts and KickDarts.

The fun football inflatable is perfect to have in the back garden and will keep the kids entertained for hours. It’s also a fun way to practice your shooting ability and accuracy.

Branding is available

Dimensions: 3M Inflatable Darts: 4.3ft (L) x 2.8ft (W) x 0.7ft (H)
2.3M Inflatable Darts: 4ft (L) x 2.8ft (W) x 0.5ft (H)

Hire Footdarts with F2 freestylers

Hire Speed Cage

Speed Cage allows players to kick a football into the cage and recieve an instant reading showing the speed of the ball to an incredible accuracy, creating a fun and entertaining game.

Target Test can also be played to test your accuracy with the aim of striking the ball into the holes. Our speed cage also includes a penalty shootout where you can practice you penalty kicks.

Your event can add an element of competition with players competing for the highest score!

 Branding is available
Dimensions: 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 7.6ft (H)

Inflatable Football Speed Cage

Hire Target Cage

Target Cage can be played to test your accuracy with the aim of striking the ball into the holes.

You can create different competitions such has how many points you can get in one minute and provide prizes to the winners.

Competitions can be arranged as part of the event with players competing for the highest score!

  Branding is available
Dimensions: 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 7.6ft (H)


hire target cage

Hire Penalty Shoot Out

Penalty Shoot Out tests your penalty kick ability with the aim is to strike the ball into the holes.

You can create different competitions such has how many penalties can you score in one minute and provide prizes to the winners.

A fun game which will add fun to your event.

  Branding is available
Dimensions: 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 7.6ft (H)



Hire 10-Pin Football

We are the founders of 10-Pin Football which merges Football and 10-Pin Bowling. The game is played on a portable bowling alley and involves kicking footballs with the aim to get down all of the pins.

10-Pin Football is just one of our exclusive activities that we offer to our clients.

Our activities are suitable for parties, fan zones, tournaments, exhibitions & conferences, weddings, product launches, networking events, team building and more!

Full Branding is available
Dimensions: 16ft (L) x 3.9ft (W)

ten pin football alley

Hire Table Football

We have 2 versions of the very popular table football, also known as Foosball.

The Garlando G500 is sturdy, stable and great-looking which is an ideal choice for all types of events such as fanzones, corporate events, parties and more. It is great way to get invloved and socialising.

We also have the Rileys Foldable Football Table, which is light weight and can easily be moved around.


Full branding is available
Dimensions: 4ft (L) x 3.5ft (W)

football table garlando

Hire Football Shooting Cage

Football Shooting Cage is the perfect inflatable for events, it is a fun way to practice your shooting accuracy and power!

The shooting cage is suitable for all ages and abilities and is very addictive.

Our activities can be branded as per clients request.

We are available to hire for events all over the UK.


Full branding is available
Dimensions: 4ft (L) x 3.5ft (W)

football shooting cage

Hire Football Tennis

Inflatable Football Tennis is the perfect activity and suitbale for all ages, with a maximum of 8 players on at a time.
It’s a great choice for events such as fun days, family zones, fan zones, parties


Branding available
Dimensions: 7M (L) x 5M (W) x 1.5M (H)




Hire Football Freestylers

Ballsportz offer a range of exciting and engaging football freestylers for hire, which can be combined with any event. Our work shops include training and entertainment for fans.

We have one of the largest network of Freestylers and some of the best Freestylers in Europe.





Football Freestyler Colin Nell

Hire Inflatable Football Pitch

Inflatable Football Pitch is also known as 3v3 football. The pitch allows us to set up a football arena at any flat location and allows players to show their footballing ability in a competitive match.

Inflatable pitch is suitable for football tournaments, match fan zones, fun days, parties and more!
It is perfect for team building, corporate events, fan engagement and brand activations.

The pitch can be set up in minutes and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  Branding is available
Dimensions: 12M (L) x 9M (W) x 0.8m (H)


inflatable football pitch

Hire Fast Feet

ICON Fast Feet is a small but mighty fun filled football training game that is ideal for indoor and outdoor events. Suitable for everyone from young children to adults and from players at beginner level through to professional players.

Fast Feet is great for showing off your footwork, and the amount of passes which can be achieved during one minute of playing.
All scores are recorded allowing a leader board to be set up to run a top score competition throughout your event.

Fast Feet is perfect for brand activations, exhibitions and fan zonesFull branding is available

Dimensions: 2.5M in Diameter

fast feet with adidas branding

Hire Precision Wall

ICON Precision Wall is designed to develop attacking attributes & creates a variety of challenging shooting drills. Scoring points rewards accuracy and can provide much needed score feedback to players and coaches – unlike a traditional goal.

Precision Wall is the perfect tool for events such as fan zones, brand awareness exhibitions and conferences.


Full branding is available
Dimensions: 3.2M (w) x 2.84m (h)




ICON Q has all of the technology of the ICON, but a quarter of its size – more accessible and easier to transport.

The shape of the Q retains a curvature and the training mode on the Q is competitive with our interactive scoreboard keeping players enthused.

Light sequences created by the Q provide an immersive match-realistic simulation for players to develop all core aspects of their game. The Q is ideal for individual and small group practice.

Full branding is available
Dimensions: 4m Wide



Hire Panna Cage

Panna Football Cage provides a fun, engaging and competitive experience for your event. Panna tests out your skills, flare and precision with the aim to nutmeg your opponent or the first to score 5 goals.

The Panna Cage is the ultimate sports facility for all events such as fan zones, brand activations, product launches and the perfect promotional tool for sports event agencies. The cage can be set up on any flat surface, indoors or outdoors.

With full branding options available we provide our clients with the flexibility to tailor the look of the cage as per the customer’s wishes.

Full branding is available
Dimensions: 2.5M (H) with 5M diameter

panna football cage

Our Activities are ideal for the following:

  • Fanzone
  • Matchday
  • Football Tournaments
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Product Launch
  • VIP Events
  • Private Party
  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Planners
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Event
  • Team Building Events
  • Networking Events
  • Product Launches
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