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Hire Cricket Pool

Cricket Pool is an exciting cricket inflatable that merges Cricket with Pool. The games are played to the rules of Pool on an over-sized, floor-level table, by striking large tennis balls using a cricket bat as the cue.

This unique game has proved to be very popular and perfect for Cricket matches. It is increasingly becoming the chosen game for many events such as Fan zones, Birthday parties, corporate events and more!

We also offer an option for one of our team members to manage the table and organise the day for you so you can sit back, relax and let us do all the hard work!

Full branding is available
Dimensions: 14.2ft (L) x 10.1ft (W)

Cricket Pool

Hire Inflatable Cricket Pool

Inflatable Cricket Pool is another fun option which is suitbale for any event.
The inflatable version can be set up within minutes and can be played by upto 4 players at a time.


Branding available
Dimensions:16ft (L) x 9.85ft




Hire Cricket Darts

Cricket Darts allows you to practice your throwing and striking skills on a large inflatable dart board, with the aim of getting the highest score.

Cricket Darts is perfect to have in the back garden and will keep the kids entertained for hours. Its also a fun way to practice your batting ability and accuracy.


Branding is available
Dimensions: 3M Inflatable Darts: 4.3ft (L) x 2.8ft (W) x 0.7ft (H)
2.3M Inflatable Darts: 4ft (L) x 2.8ft (W) x 0.5ft (H)

Hire Inflatable Footdarts

Hire Cricket Speed Cage

Cricket Speed Cage allows players to bowl in the cage and recieve an instant reading showing the speed of the ball to an incredible accuracy, creating a fun and entertaining game.


Branding available
Dimensions: 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 7.6ft (H)



Cricket Speed Cage

Hire Cricket Target Cage

Cricket Target Cage allows you to practice your skills to see how many points you can get by either throwing or striking the balls into the large holes.
Each hole shows a number of points to be gained if a successful shot is made.


Branding available
Dimensions: 13ft (L) x 13ft (W) x 7.6ft (H)




Hire 10-Pin Cricket

10-Pin Cricket is yet another unique activity which is played on a portable bowling alley and merges Cricket and Bowling. It involves striking balls with a cricket bat with the aim to get down all of the pins.

10-Pin Cricket is just one of our exclusive activities that we offer to our clients.

Our activities are suitable for parties, fan zones, tournaments, exhibitions & conferences, weddings, product launches, networking events, team building and more!

Full Branding is available
Dimensions: 16ft (L) x 3.9ft (W)


Hire Cricket Batting Cage

Cricket Batting Cage allows you to practice your batting and bowling skills in an enclosed cage. The cage can be played both indoor and outdoor on a flat surface.

The cage is perfect for cricket match days, fun days and fan zones.
Our activities can be branded as per clients request.


Branding available
Dimensions: 4.5M (L) x 3M (W) x 2.3M (H)



Our Activities are ideal for the following:

  • Fanzone
  • Matchday
  • Football Tournaments
  • Parties
  • Weddings
  • Product Launch
  • VIP Events
  • Private Party
  • Brand Awareness
  • Event Planners
  • Conferences
  • Corporate Event
  • Team Building Events
  • Networking Events
  • Product Launches
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